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Jessica Cassleman

Assistant Dean, Carson College


Phone: (509) 335-1246
Office: TODD ADD 380


  • MS (University of Illinois)
  • BS (Universidad de Chile)

Jessica Cassleman

Jessica Cassleman came to WSU in 1982 from the University of Illinois where she taught and coached the Women’s Track and Field team as the first full time woman’s coach at the school. After seven very successful years as a coach, she moved to the Honors College where she became Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. In July, 2016 she moved to the Carson College of Business as Assistant Dean for International Programs and Director of the International Business Institute. During her 26 years in Honors, she taught courses on social politics of Latin America and the Politics of Sports, coordinated the Honors First Year Students Seminar, oversaw recruitment, admissions, advising and international activities. She also advised a large number of Honors students in every major, encouraging them to learn languages, study abroad and get involved in research. Throughout her career at WSU she has been acknowledged as Employee of the Week in 2008 and WSU Faculty Mentor of the year in 2006. In 2010 she received the WSU ACADA faculty advisor of the year award, followed by her NACADA Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award (National Advising Award). In 2012 she was recognized with the "Provost Robert C. Bates Award" for her services towards the internationalization of WSU. Throughout her career she has led over twelve faculty led programs abroad. She currently teaches IBUS 496 course emphasizing International Relations with an emphasis on emerging markets. At CCB she oversees education abroad, works closely with universities abroad to enhance opportunities for faculty and students, and works closely with the Carson Center as it relates to IBUS curriculum and advising.

Teaching Interests

current issues/trends in special topics courses
foreign languages
international management
leadership skills
politics of sports
social politics of Latin America
society and business
sports sociology

Journal Articles

  • Krueger Cassleman, J. Dragicevic A Comparative Analysis of Top Level Track and Field Coaches in the USA and West Germany Comparative Physical Education and Sport, 1982

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Jessica Cassleman Educación de Honores: Retos Para Una Universidad, Oportunidades Para Estudiantes
    • Book Chapter Adriana Pasco, Isabel Grimm, Carlos Cioce-Sampaio, Mantovaneli Oklinger, Cristiane de Moraes, Juan Skewes, A Prática Interdisciplinar No Contexto Do Ecodesenvolvimento
    • Book Chapter Jessica Cassleman, Fred Wilt, Tom Ecker, Jim Hay The Javelin Throw


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