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Jeffrey Joireman

Professor & Chair, Mktg
Marketing and International Business


Phone: (509) 335-0191
Office: TODD ADD 367


  • PhD (University of Delaware)
  • MA (University of Delaware)
  • BA (Eastern Washington University)

Jeffrey Joireman

Dr. Joireman is a professor in the Department of Marketing and International Business, where he teaches consumer behavior and marketing research and serves as the Department Chair. Dr. Joireman's research focuses on decision-making in temporal dilemmas, environmental decision-making, service failures, corporate social responsibility, and public policy issues. He has published over 65 articles, many in leading journals, including Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Journal of Personality and Social, and he recently co-authored a book with Paul Van Lange titled How to Publish High-Quality Research. Dr. Joireman has reviewed over 200 articles, served on editorial boards for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and Psychological Science. Dr. Joireman also served Co-Editor in Chief for the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Dr. Joireman has earned numerous honors and awards including a Fulbright Scholarship, multiple Dean's Excellence Awards, two Outstanding Faculty Service Awards, the Department of Marketing's Professor of the Year Award, and was recently recognized as a Provost's Featured Faculty Member.

Research Interests

corporate social responsibility
decision-making in temporal dilemmas
environmental decision-making
public policy issues
service failures
social dilemmas

Journal Articles

  • J. Joireman, M. Mulder, Y. Gregoire, D. E. Sprott, P. Munaganti You did what with my donation?! Betrayal of moral mandates increases negative responses to redirected donations to donor-to-recipient charities. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2020
  • Y Gregoire, R Legoux, Thomas Tripp, M-L Radanielina-Hita , Jeffrey Joireman, Jeff Rotman What do online complainers want? An examination of the justice motivations, the moral implications and the post-complaint benefits of vigilante and reparation schemas. Journal of Business Ethics: JBE, 2019
  • I. Karabas, J. Joireman, S. Kim Why and when witnessing uncivil behavior lead observers to punish frontline employees and leave the firm. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2019
  • H Min, Jeffrey Joireman, J Kim Understanding Why Anger Predicts Intention to Complain Among High but Not Low Power Customers: A Test of Competing Models Journal of Business Research, 2019
  • D. Braxton, D. Muehling, J. Joireman The effects of processing mode and brand scandals on copycat product evaluations. Journal of Marketing Communications, 2018
  • G. Nigro, M. Cosenza, M. Ciccarelli, Jeffrey Joireman An Italian translation and validation of the consideration of future consequences-14 scale. Personality and Individual Differences, 2016
  • J. Joireman, Yany Gregoire, Thomas Tripp Customer forgiveness in response to service failures. Current Opinion in Psychology, 2016
  • Mark Mulder, Jeffrey Joireman Encouraging the gifting of charity via charity gift cards: A self-determination theoretical account. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 2016
  • Jeff Joireman, Richie Liu, Ioannis Kareklas Images paired with concrete claims improve skeptical consumers' responses to advertising promoting a firm's good deeds Journal of Marketing Communications, 2016
  • Jeff Joireman, Skyler King Individual differences in the consideration of future and (more) immediate consequences: A review and directions for future research Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 2016
  • A. Vasquez Echeverria, A. Martin, C. Esteves, V.E.C. Ortuno, J. Joireman Adaptacion y Validacionn Inicial al Castellano de la Escala de Consideracion de las Consecuencias Futuras Revista Iberoamericana de Diagnostico y Evaluacion Psicologica, 2015
  • Jeff Joireman, Dustin Smith, Richie Liu, Jonathan Arthurs It's all good: Corporate social responsibility reduces negative and promotes positive responses to service failures among value-aligned customers Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 2015
  • Jeff Joireman, Richie Liu Future-oriented women will pay to reduce global warming: Mediation via political orientation, environmental values, and belief in global warming Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2014
  • Craig Parks, Jeff Joireman, Paul Van Lange Cooperation,trust,and antagonism: How public goods are promoted Psychological Science in the Public Interest : A Journal of the American Psychological Society, 2013
  • Hayk Khachatryan, Jeff Joireman, Ken Casavant Relating values and consideration of future and immediate consequences to consumer preference for biofuels: A three-dimensional social dilemma analysis Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2013
  • Paul Van Lange, Jeff Joireman, Craig Parks, Eric Van Dijk The psychology of social dilemmas: A review Organizational Behavior Human Decision Processes, 2013
  • Jeffrey Joireman, Yany Gregoire, Berna Devezer, Thomas Tripp When do customers offer firms a "second chance" following a double deviation? The impact of inferred firm motives on customer revenge and reconciliation Journal of Retailing, 2013
  • Jeff Joireman, Yany Grégoire, Berna Devezer, Thomas Tripp When do customers offer firms a "second chance" following a double deviation? The impact of inferred firm motives on customer revenge and reconciliation Journal of Retailing, 2013
  • Abdullah Sultan, Jeff Joireman, David Sprott Building consumer self-control: The effect of self-control exercises on impulse buying urges Marketing Letters, 2012
  • Jeff Joireman, Monte Shaffer, Daniel Balliet, Alan Strathman Promotion orientation explains why future-oriented people exercise and eat healthy: Evidence from the two-factor consideration of future consequences-14 scale Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2012
  • Brian Gillespie, Jeff Joireman, Darrel Muehling The moderating effect of ego depletion on viewer brand recognition and brand attitudes following exposure to subtle versus blatant product placements in television programs Journal of Advertising, 2012
  • Daniel Balliet, Norman Li, Jeff Joireman Relating trait self-control and forgiveness within prosocials and proselfs: Compensatory versus synergistic models Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2011
  • Jeff Joireman, Jeremy Kees, D Sprott Concern with immediate consequences magnifies the impact of compulsive buying tendencies on college students' credit card debt Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2010
  • Charles Funk, Jonathan Arthurs, Len Treviño, Jeff Joireman Consumer animosity in the global value chain: The effect of international production shifts on willingness to purchase hybrid products Journal of International Business Studies, 2010
  • Jeff Joireman, Heather Truelove, Blythe Duell Effect of outdoor temperature, heat primes and anchoring on belief in global warming Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2010
  • Paul Van Lange Ego depletion reduces proselfs' concern with the well-being of others Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 2010
  • Deborah Seifert, John Sweeney, Jeff Joireman, John Thornton The influence of organizational justice on accountant whistleblowing Accounting, Organizations and Society, 2010
  • David Cuillier, Blythe Duell, Jeff Joireman The mortality muzzle: The effect of death thoughts on attitudes toward national security and a watchdog press Journalism, 2010
  • Sterling McPherson, Jeff Joireman Death in groups: Mortality salience and the interindividual-intergroup discontinuity effect Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 2009
  • Daniel Balliet, Craig Parks, Jeff Joireman Social value orientation and cooperation in social dilemmas: A meta-analysis Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 2009
  • Jeff Joireman, Donelle Posey, Heather Truelove, Craig Parks The environmentalist who cried drought: Reactions to repeated warnings about depleting resources under conditions of uncertainty Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2009
  • Heather Truelove, Jeff Joireman Understanding the relationship between Christian orthodoxy and environmentalism: The mediating role of perceived environmental consequences Environment and Behavior, 2009
  • Jeremy Kees, Jeff Joireman, David Sprott Understanding why temporally myopic people have more credit card debt: Two complementary explanations Advances in Consumer Research, 2009
  • Jeff Joireman, Daniel Balliet, David Sprott, Daniel Spangenberg Consideration of future consequences, ego-depletion, and self-control: Support for distinguishing between CFC-Immediate and CFC-Future sub-scales Personality and Individual Differences, 2008
  • Daniel Balliet, Jeff Joireman, Denise Daniels, Jane George-Falvy Empathy and the Schwartz value system: A test of an integrated hypothesis Individual Differences Research, 2008
  • Paul Van Lange, Jeff Joireman How we can promote behavior that serves all of us in the future Social Issues and Policy Review, 2008
  • Linn Van Dyne, Dishan Kamdar, Jeffrey Joireman In-role perceptions buffer the negative impact of low LMX on helping and enhance the positive impact of high LMX on voice Journal of Applied Psychology, 2008
  • Jeff Joireman, Blythe Duell Self-transcendent values moderate the impact of mortality salience on support for charities Personality and Individual Differences, 2007
  • Jeff Joireman, Dishan Kamdar, Denise Daniels, Blythe Duell Good citizens to the end? It depends: Empathy and concern with future consequences moderate the impact of a short-term time horizon on organizational citizenship behaviors Journal of Applied Psychology, 2006
  • Jeff Joireman, Jane George-Falvy, Denise Daniels, Dishan Kamdar Organizational citizenship behaviors as a function of empathy, consideration of future consequences, and employee time horizon: An initial exploration using an in-basket simulation of OCBs Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 2006
  • Jeff Joireman, David Sprott, Eric Spangenberg Fiscal responsibility and the consideration of future consequences Personality and Individual Differences, 2005
  • Brandon Peters, Jeff Joireman, Richard Ridgeway Individual differences in the consideration of future consequences scale correlate with sleep habits, sleep quality, and GPA in university students Psychological Reports, 2005
  • Jeff Joireman, Blythe Duell Mother Teresa versus Ebenezer Scrooge: Mortality salience leads proselfs to endorse self-transcendent values (unless proselfs are reassured) Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2005
  • Sarah Saxvik, Jeffrey Joireman Sensation seeking, felt gender compatibility and psychosocial adjustment in women Personality and Individual Differences, 2005
  • Jeff Joireman Relationships between attributional complexity and empathy Individual Differences Research, 2004
  • Jeffrey Joireman, Paul Van Lange, Mark Van Vugt Who cares about the environmental impact of cars?: Those with an eye toward the future Environment and Behavior, 2004
  • Jeffrey Joireman, D Kuhlman, Paul Van Lange, Toshiaki Doi Perceived rationality, morality, and power of social choice as a function of interdependence structure and social value orientation European Journal of Social Psychology, 2003
  • Jeff Joireman, Jonathan Anderson, Alan Strathman The aggression paradox: Understanding links among aggression, sensation seeking, and the consideration of future consequences Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2003
  • Jeffrey Joireman, Christopher Fick, Jonathan Anderson Sensation seeking and involvement in chess Personality and Individual Differences, 2002
  • Jeffrey Joireman, Terell Lasane, Jennifer Bennett, Diana Richards Integrating social value orientation and the consideration of future consequences within the extended norm activation model of proenvironmental behaviour British Journal of Social Psychology, 2001
  • Jeffrey Joireman, Paul Van Lange, Mark Van Vugt, Amanda Wood Structural solutions to social dilemmas: A field study on commuters' willingness to fund improvements in public transit Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 2001
  • Jeffrey Joireman Additional evidence for validity of the consideration of future consequences scale in an academic setting Psychological Reports, 1999
  • Kunio Shiomi, Sakae Nakata, Jeffrey Joireman Associations of self-regulation with personality traits and self-efficacy in Japanese elementary school children Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1999
  • Sakae Nakata, Kunio Shiomi, Jeffrey Joireman Relationships between self-regulation and self-efficacy of Japanese school children Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1999
  • Marvin Zuckerman, Jeffrey Joireman, Michael Kraft, D Kuhlman Where do motivational and emotional traits fit within three factor models of personality? Personality and Individual Differences, 1999
  • Jeffrey Joireman, Paul Van Lange, D Kuhlman, Mark Van Vugt An interdependence analysis of commuting decisions European Journal of Social Psychology, 1997
  • Paul Van Lange, Ellen De Bruin, Wilma Otten, Jeffrey Joireman Development of prosocial, individualistic, and competitive orientations: Theory and preliminary evidence Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1997
  • K. Shiomi, D. M. Kuhlman, M. Zuckerman, J. A. Joireman, M. Sato, Y. Shinji Examining the validity and reliability of a Japanese version of the Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire Hyogo University of Teacher Education Journal, 1996
  • Mark Van Vugt, Paul Van Lange, Ree Meertens, Jeffrey Joireman How a structural solution to a real-world social dilemma failed: A field experiment on the first carpool lane in Europe Social Psychology Quarterly, 1996
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  • Marvin Zuckerman, D Kuhlman, Jeffrey Joireman, Paul Teta A comparison of three structural models for personality: The big three, the big five, and the alternative five Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1993

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Jeffrey Joireman How to Publish High-Quality Research
    • Book Chapter Janusz Grzelak, Michael Kuhlman, Erin Yeagley, Jeff Joireman Attraction to prospective dyadic relationships: Effects of fate control, reflexive control, and partner's trustworthiness
    • Book Chapter Paul Van Lange, Jeff Joireman Social and temporal orientations in social dilemmas
    • Book Chapter Jeff Joireman, Alan Strathman, Daniel Balliet Considering future consequences: An integrative model
    • Book Alan Strathman, Jeff Joireman Understanding behavior in the context of time: Theory, research, and application
    • Book Chapter Alan Strathman, Jeff Joireman A brief history of time (research)
    • Book Chapter Jeff Joireman Environmental problems as social dilemmas: The temporal dimension
    • Book Chapter Jeff Joireman, Alan Strathman Further study of behavior in the context of time
    • Book Chapter J Joireman, D Kuhlman The Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire: Origin, development, and validity of a measure to assess an alternative five-factor model of personality


      • Shibiao Ding, Jeffrey Joireman, David Sprott, T J Weber How political ideology shapes gift consumption.
      • Ismail Karabas, Jeffrey Joireman “Tipping required”: Development of a model to understand customer response to non-voluntary tipping systems.
      • Bill Ding, David Sprott, Jeffrey Joireman From glory to grocery: How religiosity shapes coupon usage.
      • TJ Weber, Jeffrey Joireman, David Sprott Politicized purchasing: Consumer responses to divisive corporate political activity.

        Conference Proceedings

        • Dominique Braxton, Darrel Muehling, Jeffrey Joireman The Effects of Negative Information on Copycat Brand Evaluation Association for Consumer Research conference
        • K. Dogerlioglu-Demir, D. Muehling, K. Ehrich, J. Joireman Tolerance of negativity (TON): Scale development and an application in an advertising context Society for Consumer Psychology Proceedings
        • Jeffrey Joireman, Dishan Kamdar, Denise Daniels, Blythe Duell The impact of empathy, concern with future consequences, and time horizon on organizational citizenship behaviors Academy of Management 2005 Annual Meeting: A New Vision of Management in the 21st Century, AOM 2005


          • J. Joireman, M. Zidsansek Consumption as revenge
          • R. L. Liu, J. Joireman, D. E. Sprott Customer reactions to brand logo changes
          • M. Mulder, J. Joireman Novel charity fundraisers: The importance of charity-event fit
          • M. Lei, J. Joireman Testing measurement invariance of two compulsive buying measures across gender
          • A. Sultan, J. Joireman, D. Sprott, Y. GrÌ©goire The relationship between inconsistent information exposure and future purchase intention: The moderating role of brand implicit images
          • Jeffrey Joireman, Kristina Durante Current Opinion in Psychology: Consumer Behavior
          • J. Joireman, A. Muldrow A depletion model of obesity and type 2 diabetes: The role of trait self-control, stress, and ego depletion
          • J. Joireman, A. Muldrow Encouraging temporally-myopic consumers to exercise and eat healthy: The role of subjective norms
          • Kivilcim Dogerlioglu, Kristine Ehrich, Darrel Muehling, Jeffrey Joireman, Alexander Chernev, Michal Herzenstein, Shailendra Jain Tolerance of Negativity (TON): Development of a New Measure and Validation in Two Advertising Contexts