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Kristine Kuhn

Associate Professor
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship




  • PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • MA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • BS (University of Iowa)

Kristine Kuhn

Dr. Kuhn is an associate professor in the Department of Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship, where she teaches human resource management and organizational behavior. Dr. Kuhn's research focuses on decision making in HR, the gig economy, entrepreneurs' advice-seeking, and public policy issues related to employment. She has published articles in leading journals such as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and the Journal of Applied Psychology. Dr. Kuhn has earned the Outstanding Faculty Research/Scholarship Award and multiple Dean's Excellence awards from the Carson College of Business, and the AIRRIA Research Grant award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Foundation. She has also served as principal investigator and co-principal investigator on National Science Foundation grants for research on the information technology workforce.

Research Interests

background checks in personnel selection
decision-making under conditions of uncertainty
employee wellbeing
entrepreneurs' advice-seeking
judgment and decision making
public policy issues
social influence
workplace fairness

Teaching Interests

human resource management
organizational behavior

Journal Articles

  • Kristine Kuhn Ambiguity in advertised compensation: Recruiting implications of nominal compliance with pay transparency legislation Journal of Applied Psychology, 2024
  • Teng Iat Loi, Leah Sheppard, Kristine Kuhn The double-edged sword of job-relevant news consumption: A within-person examination of the costs and benefits for employees Journal of Business and Psychology / Sponsored by the Business Psychology Research Institute, 2023
  • Kristine Kuhn The constant mirror: Self-view and attitudes toward virtual meetings Computers in Human Behavior, 2022
  • Warren Cook, Kristine Kuhn Off-duty deviance in the eye of the beholder: Implications of moral pluralism in the age of social media Journal of Business Ethics: JBE, 2021
  • Kristine Kuhn The why and when of background checks: Situational factors moderate effects of criminal and financial stigma International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 2020
  • T. Loi, Kristine Kuhn, A. Sahayam, T. Tripp, K. Butterfield From helping hands to harmful acts: When and how employee volunteering promotes workplace deviance Journal of Applied Psychology, 2020
  • S Creek, Kristine Kuhn, A Sahaym Board diversity and employee satisfaction: The mediating role of progressive programs Group and Organization Management, 2019
  • Kristine Kuhn, T. L. Galloway, M. Collins-Williams Simply the best: An exploration of advice that small business owners value Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 2017
  • Kristine Kuhn, A Maleki Micro-entrepreneurs, dependent contractrors, and instaserfs: Understanding online labor workforces Academy of Management Perspectives, 2017
  • K. M. Kuhn, T. L. Galloway, M. Collins-Williams Near, far, and online: Small business owners' advice-seeking from peers Journal of Small Business & Enterprise Development - Q2, 2016
  • K. M. Kuhn The rise of the 'gig economy' and implications for understanding work and workers Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2016
  • K. M. Kuhn Selecting the good vs. rejecting the bad: Regulatory focus effects on staffing decision making Human Resource Management, 2015
  • T. R. Johnson, K. M. Kuhn Simulation-based Bayesian inference for latent traits of item response models Behavior Research Methods, 2015
  • K. M. Kuhn, T. L. Galloway With a little help from my competitors: Peer networking among artisan entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice : ET&P, 2015
  • K. M. Kuhn, T. R. Johnson, D. R. Miller Applicant desirability influences reactions to discovered résumé embellishments International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 2013
  • T. R. Johnson, K. M. Kuhn Bayesian Thurstonian models for ranking data using JAGS: Applications to the analysis of compensation preferences Behavior Research Methods, 2013
  • K. M. Kuhn What we overlook: Background checks and their implications for discrimination Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2013
  • K. M. Kuhn The controversy over credit checks in selection: Using public discourse to gain insight into divergent beliefs, concerns, and experiences Journal of Management Inquiry, 2012
  • K. D. Joshi, K. M. Kuhn What determines interest in an IS career? An application of the Theory of Reasoned Action Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 2011
  • K. M. Kuhn Can managers be trained to make better decisions? Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2010
  • Kshiti Joshi, Kristine Kuhn, Fred Niederman Excellence in IT consulting: Integrating multiple stakeholders perceptions of top performers IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2010
  • Kristine Kuhn Compensation as a signal of organizational culture: The effects of advertising individual or collective incentives International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2009
  • M. L. Nielsen, K. M. Kuhn Late payments and leery applicants: Credit checks as a selection test Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 2009
  • K. M. Kuhn, K. D. Joshi Reported and revealed importance of job attributes to aspiring information technology professionals: A policy-capturing study of gender differences The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, 2009
  • K. M. Kuhn, M. L. Nielsen Understanding applicant reactions to credit checks: Uncertainty, information effects and individual differences International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 2008
  • K. D. Joshi, K. M. Kuhn What it takes to succeed in information technology consulting: Exploring the gender typing of critical attributes Information Technology and People, 2007
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  • D. V. Budescu, K. M. Kuhn, K. M. Kramer Beyond Ellsberg's paradox: Modeling the effects of vagueness in risky decision making Revue d’Economie Politique, 2001
  • K. M. Kuhn Message format and audience values: Interactive effects of uncertainty information and environmental attitudes on perceived risk Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2000
  • P. Radhakrishnan, K. M. Kuhn, M. J. Gelfand The role of allocentrism on perceptions and reactions to congruity International Journal of Intercultural Relations : IJIR, 2000
  • K. M. Kuhn, D. V. Budescu, J. R. Hersey, K. M. Kramer Attribute tradeoffs in low probability/high consequence risks: The joint effects of dimension preference and vagueness Risk, Decision, and Policy, 1999
  • K. M. Kuhn Communicating uncertainty: Framing effects on responses to vague probabilities Organizational Behavior Human Decision Processes, 1997
  • K. M. Kuhn, D. V. Budescu The relative importance of probabilities, outcomes, and vagueness in hazard risk decisions Organizational Behavior Human Decision Processes, 1996

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Kristine Kuhn, A. Keegan The meaning and practice of benefits for gig workers
    • Book Chapter Kristine Kuhn, N. Young, J. Griffith Risk aversion and the impact of criminal records in hiring decisions: An integrative multilevel review
    • Book Chapter Kristine Kuhn Making a go of it in the gig economy: Understanding the risks of platform-based work
    • Book Chapter Kristine Kuhn, J. Meijerink, A. Keegan, M. Buckley Human resource management and the gig economy: Challenges and opportunities at the intersection between organizational HR decision makers and digital labor platforms
    • Book Chapter Kristine Kuhn, Ibraiz Tarique Talent management for gig workers in the gig economy
    • Book Chapter K. M. Kuhn, S. Rogelberg Judgment and decision making process: Heuristics, biases, and contextual influences
    • Book Chapter K. M. Kuhn, S. Highhouse, R. S. Dalal, E. Salas Judgments about pay
    • Book Chapter K. M. Kuhn, S. Rogelberg Judgment and decision making process: Heuristics, biases, and contextual influences
    • Book Chapter K. M. Kuhn, K. D. Joshi, Eileen Trauth What women IT professionals want from their work
    • Book Chapter M. Gelfand, K. M. Kuhn, P. Radhakrishnan, M. Ruderman, M. Hughes-James, S. E. Jackson The effect of value differences on social interaction processes and job outcomes: Implications for managing diversity

      Conference Proceedings

      • K. D. Joshi, K. M. Kuhn, F. Niederman, M. Sumner Multiple stakeholders’ perceptions of the critical attributes of a top performer: Examining the effects of congruency Proceedings of the ACM SIGCPR (Association for Computing Machinery: Special Interest Group for Computer Personnel Research) conference
      • K. D. Joshi, K. M. Kuhn, M. Gallivan Examining the masculinity and femininity of critical attributes necessary to succeed in IT Proceedings of the ACM SIGCPR Conference on Computer Personnel Research
      • K. D. Joshi, N. Schmidt, K. M. Kuhn, Eileen Trauth Is the information systems profession gendered? Characterization of IS professionals and IS careers Proceedings of the ACM SIGCPR Conference on Computer Personnel Research
      • K. D. Joshi, K. M. Kuhn, M. Serva Gender differences in IS career choice: Examine the role of attitudes and social norms in selecting IS profession Proceedings of the ACM SIGCPR Conference