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Rohny Saylors

Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship



  • PhD (New Mexico State University)
  • MBA (University of Texas Pan-American)
  • BBA (University of Texas Pan-American)

Rohny Saylors

Journal Articles

  • David Boje, Usha Haley, Rohny Saylors Antenarratives of organizational change: The microstoria of Burger King's storytelling in space, time and strategic context Human Relations, 2016
  • Grace Rosile, David Boje, Donna Carlon, Alexis Downs, Rohny Saylors Storytelling diamond: An antenarrative integration of the six facets of storytelling in organization research design Organizational Research Methods, 2013
  • Grant Aguirre, David Boje, Melissa Cast, Suzanne Conner, Rohny Saylors University sustainability and system ontology International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 2012

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Robert Gephart , Rohny Saylors Ethnostatistics
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors Tolerance for Critical Thinking via Entrepreneurial Storytelling.
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors Pragmatic storytelling, ethics and politics of late modern capitalist enterprises
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors Tetranormalizing entrepreneurial storytelling: Bringing complexity to the narrative of "born global"
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors The future of history: Posthumanist entrepreneurial storytelling, global warming, and global capitalism
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Melissa Cast, Rohny Saylors Liquid times for the entrepreneurial identity non-profit organization
    • Book Chapter D.M. Boje, Rohny Saylors, François Cooren, Eero Vaara Quantum Storytelling: An Ontological Perspective on Process. Language and Communication @ Work: Discourse, Narrativity and Organizing
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors, J Saylors, D.M. Boje, T Wakefield Restorying of the Intentionality-Perception Process: Implications for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability
    • Book Chapter Melissa Cast, Grace Rosile, David Boje, Rohny Saylors Restorying a hard day's work
    • Book Chapter D.M. Boje, C Helmuth, R Saylors, Spiller Spinning Authentic Leadership Living Stories of the Self
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors Virtuality and materiality in the ethics of storytelling answerability: Implications for leadership and change


      • Rohny Gene Saylors Entrepreneurial Storytelling of Resilience
      • Rohny Gene Saylors, Chet Barney Entrepreneurial Storytelling of Inequality Judgments