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Yijun He

Scholarly Assistant Professor - Career
Finance and Management Science




  • PhD (Washington State University)
  • PhD (Washington University)

Yijun He

Journal Articles

  • Yijun He, Poomthan Rangkakulnuwat, Sung Ahn, Holly Wang Extended Generalized Purchasing Power Parity and Optimal Currency Area in East Asian Countries Applied Economics, 2010
  • Yijun He, William Barnett Existence of Singularity Bifurcation in an Euler-Equations Model of the United States Economy:  Grandmont was Right Economic Modelling, 2010
  • Yijun He, William Barnett Singularity Bifurcation Journal of Macroeconomics, 2006
  • Yijun He, William Barnett, Stephen Dowrick, Rohan Pitchford Bifurcations in Macroeconomic Models Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Dynamics: Recent Developments in Economic Theory, 2004
  • Yijun He, William Barnett Stabilization Policy as Bifurcation Selection: Would Stabilization Policy Work if the Economy Really Were Unstable? Macroeconomic Dynamics,
  • Yijun He, William Barnett, Takashi Negishi, Rama Ramachandran Nonlinearity, Chaos, and Bifurcation: A Competition and an Experiment Economic Theory, Dynamics and Markets: Essays in honor of Ryuzo Sato,
  • Yijun He, William Barnett Unsolved Econometric Problems in Nonlinearity, Chaos, and Bifurcation Central European Journal of Operation Research,
  • Yijun He, William Barnett Stability Analysis of Continuous Time Macroeconomic Systems Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics,
  • Yijun He, William Barnett, Shri Bhagwan Bifurcation Theory in Economic Dynamics The Current State of Economic Science,

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Yijun He, William Hallagan, Frederick Inaba, Mudziviri Nziramasanga An Examination of the Economic Theory of Civil Conflict

      Conference Proceedings

      • Yijun He, William Barnett Robustness of Inferences to Singularity Bifurcation American Statistical Association
      • Yijun He, William Barnett Analysis and Control of Bifurcations in Continuous Time Macroeconomic Systems


        • Yijun He, Hong-Ming Yin An Optimal Control Problem for the American Option Model
        • Yijun He, Hong-Ming Yin Quasi-Arbitrage Opportunities in Financial Markets