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Bitty Balducci

Assistant Professor
Marketing and International Business


Phone: (509) 335-1246


  • PhD (University of Missouri)
  • MBA (University of Montana)
  • BS (University of Missouri)

Bitty Balducci

Prior to joining Washington State University as an Assistant Professor of Marketing, Bitty completed a PhD in Marketing at the University of Missouri. Her research interests are fueled by her professional experience in development and sales prior to joining academia and seek to enhance understanding of how sales interactions unfold and influence performance. Her research aims to provide practitioners with insights that would enable more effective sales training, management, and evaluation. To answer these questions, she uses unstructured data (acoustic, text) to explore sales interactions dyadically and dynamically through text mining, natural language processing, and acoustic analysis. In her down time, she likes to eat good food, travel anywhere and everywhere, and explore all the Palouse has to offer with her dog Kenai.

Research Interests

B2B strategy
sales strategy
strategic management

Journal Articles

  • Bitty Balducci How Well Can Language Models Understand Politeness? 2023 IEEE Xplore Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CAI), 2023
  • Bitty Balducci Deep Formality: Sentence Formality Prediction with Deep Learning 2022 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration for Data Science, 2022
  • Bitty Balducci Visualization ability and the elaborations that sustain product desire Psychology & Marketing, 2021
  • Bitty Balducci Predicting Conversation Outcomes Using Multimodal Transformer IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks / A Publication of the IEEE Neural Networks Council, 2021
  • Bitty Balducci Toward predicting communication effectiveness 2018 IEEE Third International Conference on Data Science in Cyberspace, 2018
  • Bitty Balducci Unstructured Data in Marketing Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2018

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Bitty Balducci Voice in Customer Loyalty Research