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Mauricio Featherman

Associate Professor (Career Track)
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship


Phone: (509) 335-4445


  • PhD (University of Hawaii)
  • MS (University of Southern California)
  • BS (San Diego State University)

Mauricio Featherman

Research Interests

consumer attitudes
consumer behavior
consumer decision-making
consumer decision-making in online contexts
consumer perceptions and assessments of transaction and purchasing risk
decision-making under conditions of uncertainty
information security and privacy
information systems
information systems (IS) adoption and use
risk management
risk measurement and management
risk taking

Teaching Interests

business intelligence
business modeling with spreadsheets
consumer judgment and decision making
data analytics
data and database management
data integration
data visualization
data warehousing
information systems
principles of marketing
professional development

Journal Articles

  • Phillip Longstreet, Stoney Brooks, Mauricio Featherman, Eleanor Loiacono Evaluating website quality: which decision criteria do consumers use to evaluate website quality? Information Technology & People, 2022
  • Professor Shanmugam, Mauricio Featherman Managing Enterprise Social Media to Develop Consumer Trust British Food Journal, 2022
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  • Xiaolin Lin, Saonee Sarker, Mauricio Featherman Users’ Psychological Perceptions of Information Sharing in the Context of Social Media: A Comprehensive Model International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 2019
  • Xiaolin Lin, Mauricio Featherman, Stoney Brooks, Nick Hajli Exploring Gender Differences in Online Consumer Purchase Decision Making: An Online Product Presentation Perspective Information Systems Frontiers, 2018
  • Nick Hajli, Mauricio Featherman The impact of new ICT technologies and its applications on health service development and management , 2018
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  • Xiaolin Lin , Mauricio Featherman Understanding factors affecting users’ social networking site continuance: A gender difference perspective Information & Management, 2017
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  • Mauricio Featherman, J Valacich, J Wells Is that authentic or artificial? Understanding consumer perceptions of risk in e-service encounters Information Systems Journal, 2006
  • Mauricio Featherman, P Pavlos Predicting e-services adoption: A perceived risk facets perspective International Journal of Human-computer Studies, 2003
  • Mauricio Featherman Extending the Technology Acceptance Model by inclusion of perceived risk , 2001


    • Mauricio Featherman Internet Anxiety: Effects on E-commerce

      Conference Proceedings

      • X Lin, Y Li, C Califf, Mauricio Featherman Can social role theory explain gender differences in Facebook usage? Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
      • X Lin, S Brooks, Mauricio Featherman Do interactivity and vividness impact objective and subjective claims of online product presentation? 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2013 - Hyperconnected World: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
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      • Mauricio Featherman, J Wells The intangibility of e-services: Effects on artificiality, perceived risk, and adoption Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
      • Mauricio Featherman Applying TAM to E-Services Adoption: The moderating role of perceived risk Proceedings of the 36th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
      • Mauricio Featherman, P. Pavlos Predicting e-services adoption: a perceived risk facets perspective Proceedings of the 8th Annual Association for Information Systems Americas Conference
      • Mauricio Featherman Tourism database marketing and computerized referral systems: Opportunities for Improved Service Levels and Increased Profits University of Guam
      • Mauricio Featherman A review of small business accounting software - for the non-accountant University of Guam