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Gurdeep Raina

Graduate Academic Year Assistantship
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship


Phone: (509) 335-5319


  • PhD

Gurdeep Raina

Gurdeep Singh Raina (GS) is a doctoral student in the MISE department at Washington State University. His major area of research lies at the intersection of Corporate Governance and Strategy. He explores the reasons that lead the board and the top management teams to become more effective decision-makers. Specifically, he focuses on the relationship between demographics in the upper echelon and its impact on various aspects of organizational performance, and how boards and top management teams can effectively and efficiently leverage their demographics to make more effective decisions. He also teaches Strategic Management to WSU seniors and has also taught online versions of the course in the past. <br><br>GS received his Bachelor of Engineering (Production) and MBA (International Business) in India. He has over 14 years of work experience, most of which is in International Marketing and Business Consulting, and has worked in India, China, Hong Kong, and the USA. His work mostly involved the transformation and reinvention of business models to enhance organizational efficiencies that result in improved top and bottom lines. He is also trained in Six Sigma and Lean methodology.

Research Interests

corporate policy and decision-making
diversity and corporate governance
strategic management

Teaching Interests

management of innovation
strategic management


  • Gurdeep Singh Raina, Arrvvind Sahaym Impact of board governance and demographics on the gender-based pay gap in the top management teams