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Kunter Gunasti

Marketing and International Business



  • PhD (Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business)
  • MBA (Pace University, Lubin School of Business)
  • Other (Istanbul Technical University (ITU))

Kunter Gunasti

Kunter Gunasti currently teaches the marketing and public policy, and consumer decision making courses. He was the recipient of WSU Outstanding Faculty Teaching award in 2019. Dr Gunasti earned his Ph.D. in Marketing from the Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business. He received his BSc in Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and he holds an MBA in Financial Management. Dr. Gunasti was previously a faculty member at the University of Connecticut where he won the Undergraduate Teaching Award. His research interests include numerical cognition, branding, inference making and consumption experiences with public policy implications such as word of mouth and gift giving. Dr. Gunasti’s research has been published in premium outlets including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Retailing, Marketing Letters (x3), Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and Journal of Business Research. He was the winner of the Thomas Kinnear Award for Best article, two American Marketing Association Best Paper Awards, Emrald Literati Award for Highly Commended Articles and Advena World's Outstanding Speaker Award.

Research Interests

branding strategy
brands and consumers
consumer behavior
consumer decision-making
consumer financial decision making
consumption experiences
decision-making under conditions of uncertainty
gift giving
inference making
numerical cognition

Teaching Interests

consumer behavior
consumer judgment and decision making
public policy and marketing

Journal Articles

  • KUNTER GUNASTI, T. Ozcan The Role of Scale-Induced Round Numbers and Goal Specificity on Goal Accomplishment Perceptions Marketing Letters, 2019
  • T. Ozcan, K. Gunasti How Associations Between Products and Numbers in Brand Names Affect Consumer Attitudes Journal of Brand Management, 2019
  • K. Gunasti, E. Baskin Is a $200 Nordstrom Gift Card Worth More or Less than a $200 GAP Gift Card? The Asymmetric Valuations of Luxury Gift Cards Journal of Retailing, 2018
  • H. Nguyen, K. Gunasti, Original brands in competition against high quality copycats European Journal of Marketing, 2018
  • K. Gunasti, H. Baumgartner The Asymmetric Effects of Positive or Negative Experiences with an Extension on Attitudes Toward Low- vs. High-Equity Parent Brands: A Microtheoretical Notion Customer Needs and Solutions, 2016
  • K. Gunasti, B. Devezer How Competitor Brands Affect Within-Brand Choice Marketing Letters, 2016
  • K. Gunasti, T. Ozcan Consumer Reactions to Round Numbers in Brand Names Marketing Letters, 2016
  • S. Kara, K. Gunasti, W.T. Ross Is it the ‘Alpha’ or the ‘Numeric’?: Consumers’ Evaluation of Letter Versus Number Changes in Alphanumeric Brand Names Journal of Brand Management, 2015
  • K. Gunasti, W. T. Ross The Effects of Compensatory Inferences for Attributes On the Choice of Incomplete Product Options Journal of Business Research, 2015
  • B. Bilgin, K. Gunasti The Direction of Product Attribute Correlations and Consumer Inferences for Missing Attribute Values: The Favorable Effects of Positive Correlations Journal of Economics, Business and Finance, 2013
  • K. Gunasti, W. T. Ross How and When Alpha-numeric Brands Affect Consumer Preferences Journal of Marketing Research, 2010
  • K. Gunasti, W. T. Ross How Inferences about Missing Attributes Decrease the Tendency to DeferChoice and Increase Purchase Probability Journal of Consumer Research, 2009
  • M. Goldberg, K. Gunasti Creating an Environment in Which Children and Youths are Encouraged to Eat a Healthier Diet Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 2007


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    • Lei Wang, KUNTER GUNASTI, Ram Gopal, Ramesh Shanker, Joseph Pancras The impact of gamification on word-of-mouth effectiveness: Evidence from Foursquare

      Conference Proceedings

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      • K. Gunasti, W. T. Ross, Meg Meloy, Adam Duhachek How Consumers' Inferences & Product Choices Are Affected by Alpha-numeric Brands Advances in Consumer Psychology
      • K. Gunasti, H. Baumgartner, M. Ding, Angela Lee, Dilip Soman A Reexamination of Post-experience Advertising Effects: The Moderating Role of Accuracy Motivation Advances in Consumer Research
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      • K. Gunasti, Maria Cronley, Dhananjay Nayakankuppam Asymmetric Effects of Positive and Negative New Product Experiences on Attitudes Toward the Brand, Country of Origin and Competitive Brands Advances in Consumer Psychology
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