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Rohny Saylors

Assistant Professor
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship




  • PhD (New Mexico State University)
  • MBA (University of Texas Pan-American)
  • BBA (University of Texas Pan-American)

Rohny Saylors

Rohny Saylors is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Carson College of Business, Washington State University. His research is focused on entrepreneurial storytelling processes and methods. His passion is the advancement of human creativity, hope, and authentic compassion through, and within, organizational scholarship. Dr. Saylors has published in Organizational Research Methods, International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior, Tamara Journal for Critical Organizational Inquiry, and Human Relations.

Journal Articles

  • Rohny Saylors, Amrita Lahiri, Benjamin Warnick, Chandresh Baid Looking Back To Venture Forward: Exploring Idea and Identity Work in Public Failure Narratives Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice : ET&P, 2023
  • Roy Suddaby, Trevor Israelsen, Francois Bastien, Rohny Saylors, Diego Coraiola Rhetorical history as institutional work Journal of Management Studies, 2023
  • David Boje, Duncan Pelly, Rohny Saylors, Jillian Saylors, Sabine Trafimow Implications of Tamara-Land Consciousnesses Discourses for Organization Culture Studies Discourses on Culture, 2022
  • Rohny Saylors, David Trafimow Why the Increasing Use of Complex Causal Models is a Problem: On the danger sophisticated theoretical narratives pose to truth Organizational Research Methods, 2021
  • David Boje, Usha Haley, Rohny Saylors Antenarratives of organizational change: The microstoria of Burger King's storytelling in space, time and strategic context Human Relations, 2016
  • David Boje, Grace Rosile, Jillian Saylors, Rohny Saylors Using storytelling theatrics for leadership training Advances in Developing Human Resources, 2015
  • R Saylors, D.M. Boje, T.J. Mueller Entrepreneurial Storytelling in Moments of Friendship: Antenarratives of business plans, risk taking, and venture capital narratives Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry, 2014
  • Grace Rosile, David Boje, Donna Carlon, Alexis Downs, Rohny Saylors Storytelling diamond: An antenarrative integration of the six facets of storytelling in organization research design Organizational Research Methods, 2013
  • Grant Aguirre, David Boje, Melissa Cast, Suzanne Conner, Catherine Helmuth, Rakesh Mittal, Rohny Saylors, Nazanin Tourani, Sebastien Vendette, Tony Yan University sustainability and system ontology International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 2012

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors, Marita Svane, Yue Hillon, Jillian Saylors Enabling a Turn Toward Relational Process Ontologies via Grounded Theory: Creating Theories that Perform Better Organizations
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors, Marita Svane, Yue Hillon, Jillian Saylors There is No Ground and No Theory in Grounded Theory! Can We Create Both With Dialectic Ontology?
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors Thinking About Causality With Hume: The Need for Greater Epistemic Validity and Ontic Reliability in the Social Sciences
    • Book Chapter Robert Gephart , Rohny Saylors Ethnostatistics
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors Tolerance for Critical Thinking via Entrepreneurial Storytelling.
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors Pragmatic storytelling, ethics and politics of late modern capitalist enterprises
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors Tetranormalizing entrepreneurial storytelling: Bringing complexity to the narrative of "born global"
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors The future of history: Posthumanist entrepreneurial storytelling, global warming, and global capitalism
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Melissa Cast, Rohny Saylors Liquid times for the entrepreneurial identity non-profit organization
    • Book Chapter D.M. Boje, Rohny Saylors, François Cooren, Eero Vaara Quantum Storytelling: An Ontological Perspective on Process. Language and Communication @ Work: Discourse, Narrativity and Organizing
    • Book Chapter Rohny Saylors, J Saylors, D.M. Boje, T Wakefield Restorying of the Intentionality-Perception Process: Implications for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability
    • Book Chapter Melissa Cast, Grace Rosile, David Boje, Rohny Saylors Restorying a hard day's work
    • Book Chapter D.M. Boje, C Helmuth, R Saylors, Spiller Spinning Authentic Leadership Living Stories of the Self
    • Book Chapter David Boje, Rohny Saylors Virtuality and materiality in the ethics of storytelling answerability: Implications for leadership and change


      • Rohny Gene Saylors Entrepreneurial Storytelling of Resilience
      • Rohny Gene Saylors, Chet Barney Entrepreneurial Storytelling of Inequality Judgments