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Uchila Umesh

Marketing and International Business




  • PhD (University of Washington)
  • MBA (University of Rochester)
  • MS (University of Rochester)
  • Other (I. I. T.)

Uchila Umesh

U. N. Umesh is a professor of marketing in the Department of Marketing and International Business. He teaches courses in business statistics, operations management, data analytics, and marketing research. His research interests are in entrepreneurship, innovation, and distribution channels. He has published his research in many journals, including Decision Sciences, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Marketing, Psychometrika and Journal of Forecasting. He co-authored a paper on outsourcing that was a Best Article Finalist in Decision Sciences. He has held visiting positions at University of Texas at Austin, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he was a visiting associate professor, University of Washington and Koc University. His Ph.D. in marketing is from the University of Washington, where he has taught classes. He has won five teaching awards in his career. His students have won many prizes at Business Plan competitions.

Research Interests

B2B strategy
branding strategy
business-to-business marketing
channels of distribution
international marketing
management information systems
marketing strategy
new products and innovation
small business (SME) IT success
start-up companies
statistical methodology
technology innovation and entrepreneurship strategy
venture finance

Teaching Interests

brand management
data analytics
data visualization
international marketing
marketing research
new products marketing
operations management
principles of marketing
start-up companies
technology marketing

Journal Articles

  • ShinHye Kim, Alberto Sa Vinhas, U. N. Umesh Prepayment and future cross-buying: an exploratory analysis Marketing Letters, 2022
  • U. N. Umesh, William Weeks Stability of Complement and Substitute Relationships in Time Usage Among Discretionary Activities Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 2018
  • Robert Peterson, U. N. Umesh On Significance of Statistically Insignificant Results in Consumer Behavior Experiments Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2018
  • Pingsheng Tong, U. Umesh, Jean Johnson, Ruby Lee Collaborative relationships: The role of information technology International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 2016
  • Monte Shaffer, Kevin Chastagner, U. Umesh International-Innovation Profiles and High-Tech Exports: Panel-Data Evidence that Lone Genius Matters Journal of International Marketing, 2016
  • U. Umesh, Martin Kagan Data Visualization in Marketing Journal of Marketing Management, 2015
  • David Wallace, Jean Johnson, U. N. Umesh Multichannels Strategy Implementation: The Role of Channel Alignment Capabilities Decision Sciences, 2009
  • Pingsheng Tong, Jean Johnson, U. Umesh, Ruby Lee A typology of interfirm relationships: The role of information technology and reciprocity Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 2008
  • Manjula Salimath, John Cullen, U. Umesh Outsourcing and performance in entrepreneurial firms: Contingent relationships with entrepreneurial configurations Decision Sciences, 2008
  • U. Umesh, Len Jessup, Minh Huynh Current issues faced by technology entrepreneurs Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, 2007
  • U. Umesh, Minh Huynh, Len Jessup Creating successful entrepreneurial ventures in IT Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, 2005
  • Sanjay Mishra, U. Umesh Determining the quality of conjoint analysis results using violation of a priori signs Journal of Business Research, 2005
  • Minh Huynh, U. N. Umesh, Joseph Valacich E-Learning as an Emerging Entrepreneurial Enterprise in Universities and Firms Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 2003
  • Jean Johnson, U. Umesh The interplay of task allocation patterns and governance mechanisms in industrial distribution channels Industrial Marketing Management, 2002
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  • Abba Krieger, Paul Green, U. Umesh Effect of level of disaggregation on conjoint cross validations: Some comparative findings Decision Sciences, 1998
  • Sanjai Bhagat, U. N. Umesh Do Trademark Infringement Lawsuits Affect Brand Value: A Stock Market Perspective Journal of Market-Focused Management, 1997
  • U. Umesh, Robert Peterson, Michelle McCann-Nelson, Rajiv Vaidyanathan Type IV error in marketing research: The investigation of ANOVA interactions Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1996
  • U N. Umesh Predicting nominal variable relationships with multiple response Journal of Forecasting, 1995
  • U. N. Umesh The Value of Trademarks and Patents Technology, Knowledge, Activities: Leading-Edge Technologies and Alliances, 1994
  • Kathy Pettit-O'Malley, Carl Bozman, U. Umesh Reactions of clients to referral requests Marketing Letters, 1993
  • Sanjay Mishra, U. N. Umesh, Donald Stem Antecedents of the Attraction Effect: An Information-Processing Approach Journal of Marketing Research, 1993
  • U. Umesh, Martin Tan, Donald Stem Jr. Analysis of multiple response in marketing research: Estimating the degree of association Marketing Letters, 1992
  • Wilton Anderson, Linda Golden, U. N. Umesh, William Weeks Timestyles: Role factor influences on the convergence and divergence of couples' complementary and substitute activity patterns Psychology & Marketing, 1992
  • U. N. Umesh, R. PETERSON A Critical Evaluation of the Randomized Response Method: Applications, Validation, and Research Agenda Sociological Methods and Research, 1991
  • U. Umesh, Sanjay Mishra A Monte Carlo investigation of conjoint analysis index-of-fit: Goodness of fit, significance and power Psychometrika, 1990
  • U. N. Umesh, Kathy Pettit, Carl Bozman Shopping Model of the Time-Sensitive Consumer Decision Sciences, 1989
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  • U. Umesh, Joseph Cote Influence of situational variables in brand-choice models Journal of Business Research, 1988
  • U. N. Umesh, Russell Belk Strategies for Transit Services Using Consumer Preferences Advances in Nonprofit Marketing, 1987
  • Darrel Muehling, Joseph Cote, U. N. Umesh, William Weeks Marketing Researchers as Consumers: An Analysis of the Use of the Journal of Marketing Journal of Marketing Education: JME/Cosponsored by the Western Marketing Educators Association and Marketing Division and Business Research Division, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1987
  • U. N. Umesh Transferability of Preference Models across Segments and Geographic Areas Journal of Marketing, 1987

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter U. N. Umesh Positioning Analysis and Strategy
    • Book Chapter U. N. Umesh, Jerry Wind, Paul Green Strategies for Bridging Research and Practice: Lessons from Paul Green


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      • U N Umesh, Paul Green, Abba Krieger Effect of Level of Disaggregation on Conjoint Cross Validations: Some Comparative Findings
      • U N Umesh, Sanjay Mishra, Carl S Bozman Estimating Judgmental Error in Conjoint Analysis
      • Sanjay Mishra, U N Umesh Evaluating Conjoint Analysis Results Using Sign Reversals
      • Sanjay Mishra, U N Umesh, Donald E Stem, Jr. Antecedents of the Attraction Effect
      • Sanjay Mishra, U N Umesh, Donald E Stem, Jr. Definition and Magnitude of Attraction Effect
      • Donald E. Stem, Jr., Carl S Bozman, U N Umesh An Empirical Test of the Adequacy of Expected Utility Theory and Prospect Theory
      • U N Umesh, Robert Peterson Observed Agreement Between Judges: Heuristic Relationships Between Observed Agreement and Range of the Kappa Statistic
      • U N Umesh, Raj Srivastava Measuring Association Between Variables When Some Behavior is Unobserved: Bias in Determining Market Structure
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