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David Whidbee

Associate Dean/Chair/Professor
Finance and Management Science


Phone: (509) 335-3098


  • PhD (University of Georgia)
  • MBA (Auburn University)
  • BS (Auburn University)

David Whidbee

Dr. David A. Whidbee is the Omer L. Carey Chair in Financial Education and Professor of Finance. Dr. Whidbee also serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research in the Carson College and Chair of the Department of Finance and Management Science. Previously, Dr. Whidbee served as Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research from 2005 to 2014 and Interim Dean of the College from 2014 to 2015. Dr. Whidbee teaches corporate finance and financial institutions at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has coauthored a market-leading textbook on financial markets and institutions, and his research interests include corporate governance, corporate control, financial institutions, and insider trading. His research has been published in many leading academic journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Business, Journal of Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Financial Analysts Journal. Prior to his career in academics, Dr. Whidbee was a financial analyst in the Chief Economist's Office at the Office of Thrift Supervision.

Research Interests

behavioral finance
corporate governance
executive turnover
financial institutions
insider trading
institutional trading
mergers and acquisitions

Teaching Interests

financial management
financial markets and institutions
investment analysis

Journal Articles

  • Qingzhong Ma, David Whidbee, Wei Zhang Behavioral Biases and the Asset Growth Anomaly Journal of Behavioral Finance, 2023
  • Qingzhong Ma, David Whidbee, Wei Zhang Limits to Arbitrage and Mispricing: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions Review of Behavioral Finance, 2022
  • Qingzhong Ma, David Whidbee, Wei Zhang Acquirer Reference Prices and Acquisition Performance Journal of Financial Economics, 2019
  • Qingzhong Ma, David Whidbee, Athena Wei Zhang Recency Bias and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift The Journal of Behavioral Finance and Economics, 2016
  • Wenling Lu, David Whidbee U.S. Bank Failure and Bailout during the Financial Crisis: Examining the Determinants of Regulatory Intervention Decisions Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 2016
  • Wenling Lu, David Whidbee Bank Structure and Failure During the Financial Crisis Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 2013
  • Hongyan Fang, David Whidbee The Economic Rationale for Option Backdating: Incentive-Based Explanations Managerial Finance, 2013
  • Qingzhong Ma, David Whidbee, Athena Wei Zhang Heterogeneous Market Responses and the Listing Effect in M&A Quarterly Journal of Finance, 2012
  • Qingzhong Ma, David Whidbee, Athena Zhang Value, valuation, and the long-run performance of merged firms Journal of Corporate Finance, 2011
  • Richard Sias, David Whidbee Insider trades and demand by institutional and individual investors Review of Financial Studies, 2010
  • Heather Knewtson, Richard Sias, David Whidbee Style timing with insiders Financial Analyst's Journal, 2010
  • Kathleen Farrell, David Whidbee Impact of firm performance expectations on CEO turnover and replacement decisions Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2003
  • Kathleen Farrell, David Whidbee Monitoring by the financial press and forced CEO turnover Journal of Banking & Finance, 2002
  • Kathy Farrell, David Whidbee The Impact of Forced CEO Turnover on Committee Structure Journal of Managerial Issues, 2002
  • Stefanie Kleimeier, David Whidbee, L. Nail Do Shareholders Value Ownership Transparency? Evidence from Germany Research in International Business and Finance, 2001
  • Kathleen Farrell, David Whidbee The consequences of forced CEO succession for outside directors Journal of Business, 2000
  • David Whidbee, Mark Wohar Derivative activities and managerial incentives in the banking industry Journal of Corporate Finance, 1999
  • John Jahera, David Whidbee Bank Shareholder Returns and Risk: A Comparative Multi-Country Analysis Managerial Finance, 1997
  • David Whidbee Board composition and control of shareholder voting rights in the banking industry Financial Management, 1997
  • William Hunter, James Verbrugge, David Whidbee Risk taking and failure in de novo savings and loans in the 1980s Journal of Financial Services Research, 1996
  • James Verbrugge, David Whidbee, Roberto Friedman Marketing Financial Services to All Levels of Affluence Psychology & Marketing, 1995
  • Michael Bradley, Carol Wambeke, David Whidbee Risk weights, risk-based capital and deposit insurance Journal of Banking & Finance, 1991

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter David Whidbee Institutional Investors
    • Book Chapter David Whidbee, Lawrence Gitman, William Megginson Risk Management and Financial Engineering


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