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Yoshiki Shimizu

Teaching Assistant


Phone: (509) 335-8000
Office: TODD 473A


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Yoshiki Shimizu

Yoshiki joined WSU in 2014 to pursue a PhD degree in Business Administration (Finance) in the Department of Finance and Management Science. Prior to joining WSU in 2014, he was at the Doctoral College of Queen Mary University of London (UK) undertaking research modules, and he earned a Master’s degree in Business and Management from The University of London. His research interests include empirical asset pricing, behavioral finance, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). He has worked as a teaching assistant for the following courses at WSU: Introduction to Financial Management (2 semesters), Intermediate Financial Management (5 semesters), Investment Analysis (2 semesters), and Financial Management (MBA course;2 semesters).

Research Interests

behavioral finance
empirical asset pricing
real estate investment trusts (REITs)