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Byron Marlowe

Clinical Assistant Professor
Wsu - Tri-Cities


Phone: (509) 372-7436
Office: WEST 207H


  • PhD (Iowa State University)
  • MBA (Colorado Technical University)
  • BS (Northern Arizona University)

Byron Marlowe

Dr. Marlowe, Don Smith Distinguished Professor and Director of Washington State University's Wine & Beverage Business Management program is a scholarly faculty within The School of Hospitality Business Management at WSU Tri-Cities. Byron is an International Business Fellow in the Carson College of Business and faculty of both the Graduate and Honors Colleges at WSU Pullman. He holds several international visiting lecturer/professor positions at the University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Harz, Germany, Institut Paul Bocuse, France & China, Castello Sonnino Field Study, Italy, Cesar Ritz College, Switzerland and IMC University of Applied Sciences, Austria. For his expertise in International Business, he is responsible for the International Business Management course within the WSU Carson College Online MBA program. Byron's teaching background is from Southern Oregon University, where he was previously Sr. Instructor and Hospitality and Tourism Management program Coordinator in their School of Business and at Le Cordon Bleu College, where he was the Lead Instructor in their Culinary Management program. Byron is developing his academic literature around wine, food, and beverage in the hospitality and tourism disciplines, recognized as a scholar within the academy with multiple peer-reviewed academic contributions to the science and outside the academy as a Fulbright Scholar in Krems, Austria. His textbook Wine Sales and Distribution: The Secrets of Building a Consultative Sales Approach was awarded by the International Gourmand Book Fair as best wine book for professionals in the United States of America - called the Oscars of the food and wine world by the Napa Valley Register.

Research Interests

culinary tourism
economic resilience
food and wine
gaming and product pricing
hospitality and tourism marketing
international business
pricing and revenue management
sales strategy
service management and consumer behavior in the hospitality industry
time series
tourism economics/tourism market analysis
tourism experience design
wine business strategies

Teaching Interests

beverage management
food and beverage cost controls
food and beverage management
food and beverage strategies
hospitality operational analysis
international marketing
introduction to hospitality
introduction to management
sales management

Journal Articles

  • B. Marlowe, T. Zheng, J. Farrish, J. Bravo, V. Pimental Double Down: Economic downturn and increased competition impacts on casino gaming and employment FIU Hospitality Review, 2020
  • Paul Skilton, Rhonda Hammond, Byron Marlowe Digital Identity and the construction of distinctivemness by American wineries International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2020
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  • B Marlowe, E Brown, T Zheng Winery Tasting Room Employee Training: Putting Wine First in Oregon. Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism, 2016

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Byron Marlowe How do Tasting Room Fees and Sustainability Messaging Affect Reciprocal Behaviors? Evidence from Okanagan, Canada
    • Book Chapter Robert Harrington, Y Liu, Rhonda Hammond, Anders Herdenstam, Byron Marlowe International Hospitality Development: Training to enhance understanding of ‘the art of hospitality’ business model.
    • Book Chapter Robert Harrington, Michael Ottenbacher, Byron Marlowe Malaysian Gastronomic Tourism - Its Importance, Satisfiers, Dis-Satisfiers and Delighters
    • Book Chapter R. Harrington, M. Ottenbacher, B. Marlowe Wine and Gastronomic Tourism in South Africa: Implications for New World Regions.
    • Book Chapter B Marlowe, A Burke, Non-government Organizations' Mountain Management: A Sustainable Support Model for Southern Oregon's Mountain Destinations.


      • Byron Marlowe Colorado Cold and Hardy
      • Byron Marlowe Collisions at the Intersection of Cannabis, Craft Beer, Gourmet Food and Wine: Entry and impact on hedonic markets such as tourism
      • B. Marlowe, B. Marlowe The Art of Hospitality
      • B. Marlowe, B. Marlowe The Power of Cabernet Sauvignon - An exploration of Oregon & Washington Terroir
      • Byron Marlowe Non-Government Organizations’ Mountain Management: A Sustainable Support Model for Southern Oregon’s Mountain Destinations.
      • Byron Marlowe Oregon Wine University: Cold and Hardy vs. Vitis Vinifera
      • Byron Marlowe Organic Opinion Leaders: Wine Bloggers Credentials and Wine Destination Recommendations.
      • Byron Marlowe Weather and Wine Tourism
      • Byron Marlowe Perception of Place: Southern Oregon Wine Country

        Conference Proceedings

        • B. Marlowe, A. Dreyer, C. Sawatsky Characteristics of tasting offers worldwide: Compared and contrasted in search of an international standard Fourth Culinary and Wine Tourism Conference
        • Byron Marlowe A Proposed Framework for Understanding Perceptions of GMO Foods: Conceptualization and Application to U.S. Restaurants WDSI
        • Jessica Murray, Soobin Seo, Byron Marlowe Impact of Multiple Food Crises on Restaurant Firm Value: A Case Study of Chipotle Mexican Food
        • Byron Marlowe, Axel Dreyer, Juliane Ratz Wine tastings in the context of cellar door sales – Characteristic tasting offers and price policy as compared to international standard Proceedings at American Association of Wine Economists
        • B. Marlowe, T. Zheng, T. Schrier, A. Aizezikali, V. Pimentel Casino Capacity Management: Gaming impact during economic downturns in non-destination gaming states Proceedings at Greater Western Travel and Tourism Association Annual Symposium, 2017
        • B. Marlowe, R. Hammond Environment around the 4E’s: An experience economy investigation into the esthetics of weather and wine tourism
        • B. Marlowe An investigation into wine tourist attitudes and behaviors towards wine club membership
        • H. Song, W. Gartner, B. Marlowe Does subjective information affect consumers’ willingness to pay for Wines? – An experiment
        • B. Marlowe Organic Oregon: Emerging experiences in terroir tourism
        • B. Marlowe Terroir Tourism: A Wine Perspective
        • B. Marlowe To Tweet or Re-Tweet: Consumer Motivations To Follow Opinion Leaders
        • B. Marlowe Perception of Place: Southern Oregon Wine Country
        • B. Marlowe Wine Tourism Marketing: A New Menu of Bloggers: Their Credentials and Recommendations


          • Byron Marlowe The Economic and Social Impact of the Gaming Industry During Economic Downturns. Dissertation Iowa State University.