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Lynne Cooper

Clinical Assistant Professor
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship


Phone: (509) 335-3989
Office: TODD 440G


  • PhD (University of Southern California)
  • MS (University of Southern California)
  • BS (Lehigh University)

Lynne Cooper

LYNNE COOPER, recently retired from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory after 28 years where she (among other things) led the JPL Proposal Center, worked on multiple Mars missions, re-engineered the New Product Development process, and led applied Artificial Intelligence research. She managed the successful Mars Helicopter Proposal, resulting in the Mars 2020 mission being the first that will send a helicopter to another planet. Prior to joining JPL, she worked in the aerospace industry and served as a Captain in the US Air Force. During the summer she serves as an Industry Faculty member at the University of Southern California’s Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Lynne holds a PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering and an MS in Computer Engineering, both from USC and a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Lehigh University. As a practitioner-researcher, her work has been published in Management Science, Journal of Engineering & Technology Management, and International Journal of Knowledge Management, and she has received a Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (OCIS Division).

Research Interests

IS implementation
decision-making under conditions of uncertainty
information systems (IS) adoption and use
innovation management
interaction between people and information technologies (IT) in organizations
judgment and decision making
knowledge flows, sharing, and transfer
knowledge management
new products and innovation
organizational change
organizational learning
project management
psychology of workplace conflict
qualitative methodologies
risk measurement and management

Teaching Interests

foundations of business strategy-organizational behavior
general management
introduction to management
leadership skills
management of innovation
new product development and innovation
organizational behavior
organizational change & design
principles of management teaching

Journal Articles

  • Lynne Cooper, Rebecca Nash, Tu-Anh Phan, Teresa Bailey Learning about the Organization via Knowledge Management: The Case of JPL 101 International Journal of Knowledge Management, 2008
  • Ann Majchrzak, Lynne Cooper, Olivia Neece Knowledge reuse for innovation Management Science, 2004

    Books/Book Chapters

    • Book Chapter Lynne Cooper, Mark Rober Moving Wikis Behind the Firewall: Intrapedias and Work-Wikis
    • Book Chapter Lynne Cooper, Teresa Bailey, Rebecca Nash, Tu-Anh Phan The Lifecycle of a Knowledge Management System for Organizational Learning: A Case Study
    • Book Chapter Lynne Cooper, Rebecca Nash, Tu-Anh Phan, Teresa Bailey Learning from Simple Systems: The Case of JPL 101

      Conference Proceedings

      • Lynne Cooper Using collaborative engineering to inform collaboration engineering
      • Lynne Cooper A Team Mental Model Perspective of Pre-Quantitative Risk
      • Mark Rober, Lynne Cooper Capturing knowledge via an" Intrapedia": A case study
      • Lynne Cooper Understanding pre-quantitative risk in projects Elsevier
      • Terri Griffith, Lynne Cooper, Tad Milbrourn Mobile Communication and Innovation: More than Convenience
      • Lynne Cooper Playing a 3-stringed violin: Innovation via the joint evolution of people, process, and Knowledge Management System 43RD HAWAII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS SCIENCES VOLS 1-5 (HICSS 2010)
      • Lynne Cooper Experience as Knowledge in a New Product Development Team: Implications for Knowledge Management
      • Lynne Cooper The Value of Weak vs. Strong Ties between Individuals and Projects for New Product Review
      • Lynne Cooper Converting project team experience to organizational learning: a case study
      • Lynne Cooper An evolutionary model for KMS success
      • Lynne Cooper, Rebecca Nash, Tu-Anh Phan, Teresa Bailey Using knowledge-based systems to support learning of organizational knowledge: a case study
      • Lynne Cooper, Michael Hecht, Ann Majchrzak Managing a project's legacy: implications for organizations and project management IEEE
      • Lorrine Lee, Lynne Cooper Operations Automation Using the Link Monitor and Control Operator Assistant